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President’s Day

Presidents’ Day is on February 21, 2022, this year! Did you know that while Presidents’ Day has been celebrated on President Washington’s legal Birthday (February 22nd) since right after his death, it was not made into a 3-day weekend until the late 1960s when the Uniform Monday Holiday Act was passed by Congress. This shifted the celebration of several federal holidays, Washington’s Birthday included, from specific dates to Mondays in order to create more 3-day weekends for workers. It is one of 11 federal holidays brought by Congress. While federally it’s still called Washington’s Birthday, the name, President’s Day is more commonly used by states.

This holiday is not only appreciated by unions and workers but also quickly became a favorite holiday by marketers and consumers. The BEST sales to look for on Presidents’ Day are discounts on electronics, major appliances, furniture, vacuums, and mattresses. So, if you’ve recently bought a home or are expecting to, then this is your weekend!

Since this is a federal holiday, you can expect that banks, schools, NYSE, NASDAQ, and the Post Office are all closed. All non-essential federal employees have the day off as well.

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