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Why We Love Living and Working in Bend

We sure do love where we live (and work). And I think we can all agree it’s one of the best places to explore, try new things and enjoy being outside.

Central Oregon has so much beauty to offer and we love it for so many reasons. Here are a few.

Because the Sun is Usually Shining

Boasting 158 of clear skies a year and 105 days that are mostly sunny, Bend is an incredibly happy place to be. It fuels us with the Vitamin D we need to be healthy.

Small Town Feel

Central Oregon offers amenities of some big cities, but has that small town vibe where you can see people you know shopping, out walking the river trail or at a restaurant.

River Trail Only 10 Minutes From Downtown

You can start at the Old Mill and follow the River Trail to feel like you’re out of town, but really you’re right in the middle of it. A real treat for a brisk one hour walk with your dog.

Dogs are Welcome Everywhere! 

Love to take our dogs to breakfast and sit outside, we always have people stopping by…mostly to talk to our dog, but sometimes they even talk to us too!

Diverse Restaurants

As we continue to grow, amazing restaurants continue to show up. We’re getting lots of healthy and vegetarian choices. There’s something for everyone.

Places to Sit Outside

Whether it’s wine or beer you’re after, there is somewhere to post up on a patio and enjoy the sunshine and a beverage with friends.

So Many Outdoor Activities

This one is a given, and one of the biggest reasons people move here, but there really is something for every one’s passion. Whether it’s water sports, trail running, skiing, biking, the list goes on and on.

High Level of Community Involvement

Bend is a very civic minded town and people love to get involved and support each other.

Generous Philanthropy

There are many many generous donors for many important causes and people show up to give and make change in our community.

What is your favorite part about living in Central Oregon?

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