5 Reasons We LOVE Oregon

February 14, 1859 was the day Oregon became a state, so while we love to celebrate love on this Hallmark holiday, we also love to love Oregon and get outside with the people we care about.

As a way of honoring our beautiful state, we collected a few reasons why we’re so happy we live here.

5 Things to Love About Oregon - Geographic Diversity

1. From West to East, there is something for everyone.

The geographic diversity of Oregon is one of the many reasons it’s so unique and full of adventure. You can cruise far to the west and hit the coast or travel all the way east and hit deserts and remote beauty that will take your breath away. You can find anything here in Oregon. Whether it’s mountain biking, hiking, hot springs, good food, city lights, new trends, remote locations or mountain views, there is a little piece of Oregon for all personalities.

5 Things to Love About Oregon - Unpredictable Weather

2. Unpredictable Weather

At first glance, this may not seem like something to love about Oregon, but fact is, it’s always a little fun and adventurous not knowing what kind of weather could hit when you leave the house in the morning (especially in the fall and spring). You could start your day in jeans and a t-shirt and get caught in a snowstorm by 4pm. Layers and backseat jackets are important here as Oregon is moody and delightfully fickle.

5 Things to Love About Oregon - Beer


IPAs, Pales, Blondes, Reds, Ambers, Hazeys, collaborations, experiments, delight. Our beer scene here in Oregon is nothing short of impressive. A brewery around every corner and endless options to meet your tastebuds. As of June 2018, Oregon boasts a whopping 281 breweries with 33 here in Central Oregon. So if the weather is annoying you, pick any one of these delicious options and hunker down.

5 Things to Love About Oregon - Portland Food

4. Portland Food

Alright, so we’re over here in Central Oregon and we adore our local restaurants and culinary creatives. But when we make a trip to the big city, it is always so fun to check out and adventure through the unique restaurants that pop up all the time. Portland has a reputation for being “weird” and this is not something we’re embarrassed by. The food has its own special oddness that Oregon is proud of.

5 Things to Love About Oregon - Community

5. Community

And finally, hands down our favorite aspect of Oregon (and specifically Central Oregon)…our community. The people who live in this state are kind, compassionate, supportive, caring and want to do good. Around every corner is someone new who wants to connect you to someone else, build you up and listen to your dreams. We value the way our community comes together and the way we come up with any excuse to create a festival to honor makers, artists and musicians.

Oregon is the best state and there is no doubt about that.

What is your favorite part about living here?

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