How to Get Back Into the Work Groove After the Holidays

Alright, we’re officially in the first full week of the new year and things are still feeling a little wonky and we might still be a little overwhelmed.

No fear. Things will start to go back to normal and daily life will start to settle in once again. It’s no secret that work tends to take a backseat when we’re navigating friends and family during the holiday season. So here are a few ways to get back into the groove after a little hiatus.

1. Ease Back in Slowly

We know it’s easy to think you need to go full force into the work week and tackle all of your projects all at once to try and make up for the time lost to the holidays. But here’s the reality…nearly everyone is feeling the exact same way you are. Which is a great reminder when you’re wanting to follow up on an email or a call immediately. Remember, that person is also juggling their to do list and trying to get back into the swing of things.

By giving yourself some time to ease back in to everything you need to get done, you can approach your tasks steadily and with more patience and ease. Don’t sacrifice your breath here. We’re all trying to get back on track and you are certainly not the only one who is feeling behind, which means…you’re not behind.

2. Write Your To Dos

Piggybacking off our previous post, writing a to do list can be an incredible way to get all those swarming thoughts in your brain onto paper and into a place where you can actually organize them. If you’re familiar with “flow of consciousness” writing, you can take this approach when tackling your to do list as well.

Just let those thoughts flow. As you’re warming up to your week, every time a new work thought pops in or that panic feeling of “oh my goodness, I totally forgot X” hits your chest like a freight train, write it down. Then you can take a look at your to dos and organize them properly by priority when you have a moment instead of trying to rush accomplish them all at once.

3. Set Your Priorities

Your brain can be in hyperdrive when you get back from the holidays and everything can seem like the fire you need to put out immediately. Once you have your to do list, you can go through and honestly look at what the highest priority is down to the lowest.

Take a moment to give yourself the opportunity to think about what you really need to get done right now and what can probably be put off until next week when you’re a little bit more in order (and everyone else is too).

4. Take Breaks

This one might be the hardest for some of us, but it’s actually one of the most important. Believe it or not, when you’re coming back into the swing of things after possibly working lighter hours, your body is no longer used to working at the pace it was in October. So give it what it needs by taking a few breaks throughout the day. These don’t have to be 30 minutes or an hour, but just 5 minutes to take some breaths and give yourself a moment.

Take a chilly walk around the block or go say hi to a coworker and find out how their day is going in the post-holiday madness. We guarantee they will be grateful to get the break as well.

5. Keep Your Social Activities Light

The holidays keep us on our toes with holiday parties, family and overall busy bustling streets. Give yourself some you time by allowing yourself to focus on your priorities and freeing up your time to do so. Those extra commitments outside of the office can make you feel like you have even more to do when you’re working.

Allow yourself to say no to a friend’s gathering or to skip that dinner party. Let yourself get back into your work groove without distraction so you can show up fully in February.

How do you get back into your work groove?

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