15 Positive New Year’s Resolutions

There tends to be a lot of pressure around New Year’s Resolutions. We can get caught up in the way we look or what we’re eating. So we wanted to provide a few options that don’t involve changing our appearances and bring a little more positivity to the fun of the new year and new experiences.

1. Meet New People

The new year is a great time to consider meeting new people. Make it a goal to get out and introduce yourself, go to different parties and events, and have fun and different conversations.

2. Try Something New Each Month

Put yourself out there and try different things! Whether that’s a new experience or activity or a new recipe or a food you thought you didn’t like. This is a fun resolution that has minimal pressure.

3. Make Time for Self CareĀ 

Make YOU a priority. We often forget about ourselves and our needs when we’re bustling through the busy days our lives throw at us. Make a commitment to setting aside time for yourself – to focus on your mental health.

4. Improve Concentration and Focus

Explore ways to improve your mental stamina. There are apps like Lumosity and Elevate that have fun games that will help your concentration, memory and make this priority more fun.

5. Get Quality Sleep

Sleep is so important. And it’s often where we struggle the most but can’t seem to figure out how to change it. Commit to getting better sleep by exploring Melatonin, meditation or checking out sleep podcasts like Sleep With Me.

6. Read More Books

If the world of social media has taken over a lot of your free time, maybe prioritizing reading books could be a fun resolution for you. Check out the list we created of Winter book releases for some good ideas to get started.

7. Spend More Time with Family and Family

If you tend to get caught up in your career, making the effort to spend more time with family and close friends might be an excellent path. Set aside time each week to check in with your loved ones, whether that be through a phone call or coffee date.

8. Learn a New Language

This one is fun because you get to learn! Maybe there’s a language you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t committed to it yet. Download DuoLingo or a number of other language learning platforms and get started.

9. Try a New Hobby

If it’s not a new language, there might be something else that’s been in the back of your mind. Is it crochet? Painting? Cross country skiing? Now’s the time to put it on your list and set reasonable goals for getting started.

10. Travel to New Places

Ah yes, travel. The thing we always wish we could do more of. Whether it’s traveling to a different country, different state or even nearby attractions, add it to your list. You could make road trips something to plan for and just get to amazing places in Oregon you haven’t seen yet.

11. Face Your Fears

This one is fun because it doesn’t require any planning, just a mindset. Try changing your frame of mind when experiences come up that have caused fear previously. Maybe once a month you try something that you’ve been nervous about.

12. Begin Giving Back

There are a number of amazing charities and nonprofits in Central Oregon. Whether you want to give your time or your money, this is an excellent way to make the new year about your community and find ways to give back.

13. Drink More Water

Instead of focusing on food, what if you focused on water? Four out of five Americans don’t drink enough water, which means it’s possible you fall into this category. Get hydrated and prioritize your liquid health!

14. Be More Playful

A little more casual and conceptual and less tactical, adding a playful mindset to your new year’s resolutions might be just what you need. Instead of focusing on work work work, let your inner child out and add a little playtime to your days.

15. Practice GratitudeĀ 

Finally, this is one we recommend adding to your list no matter what. It is incredibly powerful to add gratitude to your daily routine. You could try making a gratitude journal or just setting time aside each night to think about what you’re grateful for.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions? We’d love to hear what’s on your mind.

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