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Did You Miss This? Health, Wellness and Getting Answers Kickoff Event

Last night we kicked off a health and wellness series we’ll be starting in January (just the right time to start thinking about your health again as we move away from all those holiday treats). We brought together our clients, a few friends and professionals from different industries to gather questions and ideas to put on the best series possible when the new year arrives.

A little overview. Patty and Andrea introduced the evening with a little bit of what and why. Health, Wellness and Getting Answers is a way for us to gain knowledge on what’s good, what’s bad and what’s rumor about our bodies. Our friend, Pat Devol-Nadon, has had this idea in the back of her mind for awhile (more on that later) and we thought it was an amazing opportunity to share knowledge and collaborate. We want to be healthy and we figured we aren’t the only ones.


Pat then stepped up to share her story and why she wanted to start an event series like this one. With a history in the medical field, her passion lies with educating people on how to better manage their health. This series is a way to do that and a way to give back.


Let’s move on to our incredible professionals.

Natasha Dempsey, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist OHSU and Synergy Health and Wellness, introduced her philosophy on food and opened the floor for questions. She also debunked some of the rumors about diets and the difference between a registered dietitian and a nutritionist. On January 16, Natasha will be speaking on the questions that came up around what we put in our bodies. Some of which included bone broth (Is it good? What’s the hype?), gut health and supplements.


Lynn Dalquist, Body Mechanics Expert with Peach Pilates, then discussed her experience with pilates, how it saved her life and the way body movement affects our overall health. On February 20 we’ll be holding our Body Mechanics workshop at the Peach Pilates studio to get a little interactive and learn about the options we have to make our body movement healthier.


And finally, our skin enthusiast, Erin Bishop, Dermatology Nurse Practitioner with Vitality Functional Medicine, shared her knowledge on what makes our skin do what it does, the benefits of sunscreen and preventative (as well as rehabilitative) measures we can take to improve the look, feel and quality of our skin. On March 13, we’ll be taking the questions from our clients and friends so Erin can share all the information possible about how to love our skin.


It was so fun to get everyone together to talk about what our questions are, get the conversations going and just enjoy some amazing food and wine. We’re excited for this series and if you’re interested in participating, please just let us know! Don’t worry if you missed the kickoff event, you can jump in at any time. But for now, just get excited for what’s to come.


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