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A Health and Wellness Series: 2019

2019 is right around the corner. Can you believe it?! We can’t. But we’re also really excited for what’s coming up. If you’re familiar with the Dempsey|Phelps team, you  know we like to do client events several times a year. But in 2019, we’re partnering with a few amazing locals to give our clients a full series experience.

We’re kicking this off on December 5 to gather questions from the people who matter most – YOU GUYS. We want to find out what are the important things to you as you consider your health in regards to nutrition, body mechanics and skin. Then we’ll take all those questions and put together our series launching in January.

So, what’s this series going to look like? Well, we have three incredible professionals who will be discussing all those health topics we’re wondering about in the back of our minds. There will be one in January, February and March, keeping us focused as we cruise our way into the new year.

January will be focused on nutrition and led by a local Dietitian Nutritionist.

Natasha Dempsey, OHSU & Synergy Health and Wellness
Nutrition: January 16, 2019

Natasha is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who focuses on applicable practices for successful behavior change and happy bodies, helping people find their best self while enjoying food and creating positive relationships with it. Natasha grew up in Central Oregon and received her Bachelor of Science degree from Oregon State University, were she also completed a post baccalaureate internship in Dietetics. Natasha currently works for Oregon Health and Science University and Synergy Health and Wellness.

What you can expect: Learning how your nutrition affects your health and body, even when you don’t even know it. Learn and ask about which foods to focus on and which ones to cut back.

February we’ll be learning and moving with Lynn Dalquist, a body mechanics expert.

Lynn Dalquist, Peach Pilates
Body Mechanics: February 20, 2019

Lynn is an expert in body mechanics and instrumental in helping people prevent injuries and rehab once an injury has occurred. was trained and certified at Peak Pilates. She was a professional tennis coach when she was led to Pilates due to an injury and believes Pilates prolonged her tennis career and changed her life. Lynn taught and played tennis throughout the United States and enjoys working with her students to inspire and change lives.

What you can expect: An experience in body movement and how to work with the body through injury and set yourself up for success with exercises and routines that benefit your whole self.

March will be all about skin. Erin Bishop, a holistic dermatologist, will discuss how our skin is affected by different things.

Erin Bishop, Vitality Functional Medicine
Skin: March 13, 2019

Erin is the founder of Vitality Functional Medicine specializing in holistic dermatology and aesthetics. She has over a decade of experience in medical and cosmetic dermatology, and is certified in Functional Medicine and as a Dermatology Nurse Practitioner. Focusing on the treatment of chronic skin conditions, she gets to the Root Cause of illness instead of just treating symptoms. She also offers aesthetic procedures with advanced techniques and skin cancer screenings for early detection of skin cancer.

What you can expect: Your questions about your skin will finally get some answers! How our daily lives affect our skin can be mysterious. This will clear some things up for you.

If you’re not a client of the Dempsey|Phelps team and you’re interested in participating in these upcoming events, contact team@dempseyphelps.com.


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