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10 Things to Purge This Fall

Fall is an excellent time to purge and recenter before cozying up and changing pace for the winter. As you’re putting away your beach towels and pulling out your fuzzy blankets, consider some of these areas of your home to dig through.

1. Spices and Seasonings

Pull out all the items from your spice cabinet, wipe things down and as you go to put them back, check all the expiration dates before putting them back in.┬áCan’t speak for you, but we sure have an issue with forgetting about items once they fall deep in the back of the spice rack.

2. Freezer

Similar to the spice cabinet, our freezer can become black holes where things go and never come out again. Now is a good time to dig in before things get too cold and you’ll avoid it again for another year.

3. Sandals and Summer Shoes

The end of a season is a great time to purge the shoes of that season. Why? Because you can genuinely ask yourself if you’ll wear them again by evaluating how much you just wore them. If the answer is “never,” you’re probably safe to send them on their way.

4. Swimwear

For the same reason sandals and summer shoes can go, so can your swimwear. We tend to stack up too many swimsuits with the idea that it’s good to have backups. It might be, but try choosing just one backup and select the few you really love to keep around.

5. Toys

Toys the kids have grown out of should be donated, and fall is a great time to do it before getting into the holidays. Then you can really evaluate what they need and what they might be asking for when Santa comes around.

6. Garden Tools and Products

It may seem silly to do this now since they’ll be going into storage for the winter, but think about how amazing it will feel when spring rolls around and you don’t have to dig through all the tools and feel overwhelmed. This will set you up for success when you get that garden itch in April.

7. Magazines and Books

Now’s the time to consider your own Holiday Wish List. Free up some space on your bookshelf for the new book you know you’re going to want when the new year comes.

8. Throw Blankets

I think we tend to take the approach that you can never have too many blankets. But, here’s a real truth for you…you can. Pick your favorites and a few extras for those Thanksgiving Parade days, then take the rest to a Central Oregon shelter or one of the many clothing and blanket drives that are happening.

9. Product Purge

This one is (primarily, but not always) for the ladies. Hit the bathroom and go through all the products you’ve stored in your cupboards. It will be so worth it to have a fresh bathroom with just your essentials.

10. The Paperwork

Maybe you have a home office. Maybe you store your old paperwork and bills and letters in random drawers in the kitchen. Collect all of them and get rid of what you truly don’t need anymore. And try to be honest with yourself. Then, once you’ve purged. Maybe buy some folders and get your organization on.

If you’re looking for a great book to help you with this process, check out The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It will change your life.

Do you have purging ideas? Share them with us!

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