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8 Halloween Decoration Ideas to Get in the “Spirit”

Can you believe Halloween is only a couple weeks away?? We can’t. We hope you have figured out your costumes and are making plans to get over to the corn maze out at Smith Rock Ranch. If you’re stuck trying to think of ways to get your house ready for the tick-or-treaters, look no further as we’ve got some spooky (and easy) ideas to get the creativity flowing.

1. DIY Chilled Fog Machine

Halloween Decorations_Fog Machine

We’re kicking off this list with something unique and fun. All you need is a fog machine, a kitty litter container and ice. Check out the tutorial and mix things up for your holiday party.

2. A Colony of Bats

Halloween Decorations-Bats

Did you know that a group of bats is called a colony? Add some flare to your kitchen or living room. And this one only requires some construction paper!

3. Spider Light Centerpiece

Halloween Decorations - Spider Light Centerpiece

Do you have a few extra mason jars lying around? If you say yes, this might be the project for you. Grab some battery-powered LED lights, some webbing and a few fake spiders (or real spiders if you really want to go for it, but we don’t recommend that) and set them up throughout your home.

4. Halloween Soap

Halloween Decorations - Hand Soap

Just when your friends and family think they have escaped the Halloween madness into a place of solitude (the bathroom), here they’ll find the soap you’ve made to make things just a little more spooky.

5. Black (Ghost) Cats

Halloween Decorations - Black Ghost Cats

If you have some extra construction paper from creating your bats, add a few cats! (Is that how the saying goes?) These are fun for the daytime and the nighttime since you’ll just have a few glowing lights in the hallway when the sun goes down.

6. Mummy Brownies

Halloween Decorations - Mummy Brownies

Okay, okay, so this one isn’t technically a decoration but we think it needs to be included nonetheless. Because look. at. these. brownies! Make them for your Halloween party or wrap them in plastic and be the best on the block during trick-or-treat time.

7. Mummy Mason Jars

Halloween Decorations - Mummy Mason Jars

Let’s just stick with the mummy theme for a minute. And collect your extra extra mason jars. You can make all sorts of mummies from this project. Get some different types of googly eyes and maybe some hats or other fun accessories.

8. Dancing Lawn Ghosts

Halloween Decorations - Dancing Lawn Ghosts

This one is sure to make the little trick-or-treaters just the right amount of scared. All you need is a few styrofoam balls, some white sheets and lawn sticks. Again, you could mix things up by adding some LED lights for eyes or hats to make these ghosts a little more lovable.

We would love to know how you decorate for Halloween! Share with us what your favorite decorations are.

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