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Remodeling for Fall

If we haven’t said it enough, we’re nearing a new season. A season of Pumpkin Spice Lattes, sweaters, falling leaves and shorter days.

As the temperature starts to cool, it’s a great time to think about your home and how to make it as comfortable on the colder days as it has been this summer. It’s always fun to move into a new season and have new projects and mix things up a little bit. Especially during fall, a season of change and transition. But try not to let the excitement take over too much and proper planning fall to the wayside. Rushing a home project can lead to unnecessary spending and stress down the line. It’s worth it to take the time to define what you’re wanting to do before moving forward.

1. Decide on your budget and schedule.

Set yourself a budget so you know exactly how much money you have for your new remodel. Additionally, how much time do you want to spend and when do you want it to be done? Whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring someone, these are important factors to keep in mind to make sure the process runs smoothly.

2. Make a list of needs. 

Oh, list-making. One of our favorite things. A great and successful project always starts with a thorough and well-thought-out list. Start with the things that need to be done and then add what would be nice to have done. Your budget and schedule might only cover half your needs or all your needs and some of your wants. Prioritize to make things easier and less devastating if you find out you can’t do something.

3. Don’t let the internet fool you. 

Whether it’s Pinterest or Google image searching or other home style websites, what might look amazing in a photo might not work for your space. Keep in mind what is realistic about your home and what will fit/what can be achieved. This is also a time to refer to your budget as well. Use the internet as a way to get inspiration, not exact ideas. Like colors, patterns, styles, etc. You might find it tempting to take on a D-I-Y approach, but keep your skills in mind. The cost of hiring an expert will save you some anxiety.

What are you doing with your home this fall? Share with us!

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