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Guide to Hot Tub Decision-Making

Summer isn’t quite over yet, but we’re nearing the end and moving into…hot. tub. season. The weather this week is making us think about being cozy, warming up, hot teas, comfy cardigans and relaxation. Maybe you’re even thinking about how to make your winter mornings and evenings a little more enjoyable with a hot tub addition. Here are some things to consider before making the leap.

1. Make Sure You Have the Room

Hot tubs aren’t just a little addition to the home. It’s important to check and measure your space before moving forward. You’ll want room for the hot tub itself as well as space on all sides for maintenance and getting in and out. It’s also good to consider positioning for stargazing and views of the mountains.

2. Zoning Approval

Before you go to the hot tub store and start making your hot tub decisions, you’ll need to check with building codes in your area and make sure you’re allowed to have a hot tub. Sometimes you need to get a permit before installing. If you don’t follow these requirements, it could result in fines or even having your hot tub removed entirely.

3. Choosing Your Location

Ideally you’ll want concrete or spa pads to place the tub. This will create a smooth area for the hot tub to sit. If you’re going to add it to your deck, make sure it’s strong enough to handle the weight the hot tub bares. You’ll also want to think about a walkway to the tub so you’re not walking through grass or dirt on the way to it (which could cause maintenance problems down the line).

4. Talk to an Electrician

“Hot tubs can take a 120 or 240 volt electrical hook up. Be sure you have one available near the future location of your hot tub. If you are upgrading, then this shouldn’t be a problem, but new owners need to be aware of this. Having electrical nearby will make maintenance is easier and you can quickly access them while you are using your hot tub.” We recommend consulting a professional to make sure everything is done correctly.

5. Associated Cost

Installing a hot tub includes more cost than just the purchase of the hot tub. It will increase your electricity bill significantly.

6. Which One? Which One?

Like any big purchasing decision, you’ll want to make sure you get the best quality for your lifestyle. The more reliable the hot tub, the less you’ll pay in repairs over time. When on the search for a hot tub, find places that get good reviews online as well as a dealer that will have the parts you need on hand to avoid complications. It may seem easy to pick the cheapest option, but don’t sacrifice quality for price when it comes to this decision.

7. Choosing the Right Size

Two-person or six-person hot tubs are the most popular. If you’re buying for your whole family, make sure you get one big enough to fit everyone (plus even a few friends here and there).

8. Must-Haves

There are three must-have accessories when purchasing your new winter addition: cover, cover lifter, steps. Make sure these are included with your new hot tub. They will make your life a whole lot easier in the long run.

9. Schedule a Wet Test

“Wet testing is the act of actually soaking in a filled hot tub before you make your purchase.” Test the hot tub with everyone who will be using it. Might as well since you’ll want it to give you the experience you desire. If the dealer doesn’t allow you to do this, take that as a sign to find a different dealer.

10. Sleep On It

Don’t be pressured by anyone to make the decision right then and there. This could lead to a hot tub you weren’t ready for or a style you don’t like. After going through your checklist and wet testing a few models, go home and let yourself sit with the possibilities before moving forward.

Do you have a hot tub? Do you have any suggestions for those looking to buy? Share with us!

Article Inspired by The Complete Homeowner’s Guide to Buying a Hot Tub

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