Andrea Phelps: Passion for Animals

Andrea Phelps and Patty Dempsey both bring different characteristics, traits, personalities and passions to their business and we thought it would be fun to highlight some of what makes both of them so unique. Starting with Andrea and her passion for animals.

From a very young age, Andrea describes herself as being obsessed with animals of every kind. She just loved them and that love hasn’t gone anywhere. As a kid, she had fish, birds, dogs, cats, hamsters, you name it, in her family. Sometimes one at a time but often all at once.

What really made Andrea’s heart sing, however, was when she and her family moved from Battleground, Washing to Vancouver when she started high school. This was a big move for them because it meant they were able to add horses to their family.

“My sister Melissa and I would spend hours riding, brushing, hanging on, standing on and loving on those horses.”

Their first horse was an Appaloosa named Frosty, who was a middle aged gentleman when he joined them on their small acreage. And he lived to the ripe old age of 38! Andrea says he was the best first horse ever. Patient beyond belief and stubborn too. He was perfect for young, inexperienced riders.

“So even though all animals are special to me, horses are in my heart.”

One of the Central Oregon organizations she supports each month is Equine Outreach, a horse rescue and sanctuary. They are at full capacity now with horses enjoying a loving, happy home where they are spoiled and doted on “as it always should have been for them.” If you or someone you know are looking for a new friend in your family and have room for a rescued horse, please consider adopting! There are even two donkeys, Larry and Louise, who are looking for their forever homes.

Andrea is passionate about Adopt-Don’t-Shop and is also a vegetarian. All her animals have been adopted from shelters in Central Oregon. Her animals currently include Lila the dog, Mia the cat, Hamish the chinchilla and two fish.

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