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Coffee in Bend: Where To Go for Your Mood

Coffee lovers unite! There are a few things we have no shortage of in Central Oregon. The first? Beer. Of course. The second? Outdoor adventure and endless trails. The third? Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. We need the caffeine to keep up with all our activities and beer drinking. Each one of our coffee shops offers a unique atmosphere to fit the vibe you’re looking for.

We’ve broken down a few of our favorite coffee joints by what it is you might be looking for when getting your fix.

Get Work Done

Coffee and Work

These are the shops we like to go to when we need to get focused.

Backporch Coffee Roasters

Backporch has three locations across Bend and each one has an environment that inspires good work. Throw in your headphones, pick one of their many tables and let your productivity flow. And indulge in their cold brew while you’re there this summer.

Thump Coffee

Thump also has three locations in Bend. One of which is in the BendTECH building, which in itself screams “let’s get some work done!” There is also a spot downtown and a new one in NW Crossing, so no matter where you’re coming from, there’s a Thump on your way. Suggestion: The Madagascar Vanilla Mocha.

PALATE a coffee bar

Palate is one of our most favorites. It’s small and cozy and so many people go there to work that you’re inspired just by being inside. They also have a lovely assortment of patio tables to get some fresh air while you’re trying to meet that deadline.

Cozy Up with a Book

Coffee and Read

The coffee shops we believe are the best to go to for a nice relaxing time with a book or journal of your choice.

Bom Dia 

Bom Dia, near COCC, has couches galore and great for getting some reading done. Or, if you’re a student, it’s an excellent place to get just far enough away from campus to study. Check it out and give their famous chai a try.

Lone Pine Coffee Roasters

Sneak over to Lone Pine in Tin Pan Alley in Downtown Bend and find the little hole in the wall coffee shop that’ll make all your dreams come true. We’ve added this one to our cozy category due to its cozy nature, but it definitely falls in all three categories without question.

Dudley’s Bookshop Cafe

The name says it all. This book store/coffee shop combo has all the right pieces for a relaxing day of reading. Not only can you snag a delicious cup of Joe, but you can also find your new book obsession all in one place.

Enjoy Time with Friends

Coffee and Friends

Coffee and friends go together like hikes and Clif bars. These are some of the spots we think you’ll enjoy with company.

Spoken Moto

Delicious coffee and delicious beer? Is this real life? Why yes, yes it is. Spoken Moto is unique in that it offers all our favorite beverages, as well as some incredible food carts. With its outdoor area and large tables, you can gather your friends together and hang out there all day, from coffee time to beer time.

Sparrow Bakery 

Sparrow has two locations in Bend and they both have different environments. And both are full of laughter and good energy. The NW Crossing location, specifically, is an excellent choice if you’re meeting a friend for a catch up or just your regular coffee date. Grab an Ocean Roll while you’re there. It’s so worth it.

The Looney Bean 

Overlooking the Deschutes River, The Looney Bean has a hidden outdoor seating area with grass and lawn chairs. Enjoy the view and sip on some coffee (or one of their smoothies if you’re so inclined) while you visit with friends and family. Bring your kiddos!

Of course, all of these coffee shops can be whatever you want them to be. Share with us what your favorites are and why you love to go there!

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