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3 Date Nights in Central Oregon

Let’s face it. Sometimes it’s hard to get a date night on the books. Where to go. What to do. When to do it. It can be a challenge to set the time aside. Luckily, here in Central Oregon there are so many options to do something fun and creative. And it’s all right here in our own backyard.

Bend-Style Dinner and a Movie (plus some)

McMenamins Old St. Francis in Downtown Bend is a great place if you’re looking to keep your date night in one location.

Start the evening with dinner on the patio at Fireside or in the main restaurant. Grab one of their many delicious beers or cocktails and enjoy some yummy food and conversation with your significant other.

Once dinner is done, head on over to their in-house theater and cozy up on their unique couches for a more intimate and relaxed movie experience. They’re always mixing up which movies they have on the queue so check out what might fit for the mood you’re going for.

Post-movie, if you’re feeling up for it, get over to the soaking pool they have just a quick walk away. A great way to start wrapping up the evening, especially when the summer evenings cool off.

Once you’ve gotten your soaking fix, head over across the parking lot to O’Kanes and finish the evening with a drink by the fire (and even a cigar!).

Summer Evening Picnic

What’s more romantic than planning a picnic? Especially in Bend where the picnic location options are endless.

First, head over to Newport Market to gather your picnic items. Their grab-and-go options are some of the best in Central Oregon. Plus, they have an extensive wine collection and now sell liquor as well! Once you’ve got your goodies, grab your blanket, picnic basket and head out.

Meadow Camp, just a 10 minute drive outside of Bend, is one of the best places to roll out that blanket and cuddle up. They even have picnic tables if you’d rather not sit on the ground.

For an even closer picnic spot, choose from one of Bend’s 80 parks scattered throughout the city.

Views and Brews

If you’re up for the post-work hike or you’re looking to get out on a weekend with your sweetheart, this is the date for you.

Just southeast of Bend lies Bessie Butte. A steep 1.5 mile out-and-back hike, it has some of the best views of Central Oregon. You can see all the mountains as well as the city. Head up to Bessie Butte for the sunset and soak up some amazing sights.

After the trek down, you’ll already be on the east side so take a cruise over to Worthy Brewing and enjoy beer, amazing food and check out their on-location observatory. They often have live music if you’re looking to listen to some tunes as you enjoy the rest of your evening.

Bend is a great place to get creative with your date ideas. Let us know if you have any favorites you’d like to share!

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