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Find Your Happy Place: Backyard Ideas

Summer projects are upon us. It’s also a time of finding, and creating, spaces that make us feel good. Get the paint, the saws, the funky pillows and give yourself a nice space that’s yours (or share with friends too) to relax.

Firepit Hangout


Here in Central Oregon, our summer nights are still chilly. Makes a backyard firepit an ideal location for family and friends when those temps drop. Why not give yourself a firepit worth hanging out at.

Hammock Lounge Area


One hammock is great. But what about an entire lounge area dedicated to hammocks. One for everybody! Have a lot of trees? This might be a great idea for your yard. It’s a funky, creative way to set up a great relaxation space that’s different and just so fun.


Covered Lounge Area

Covered Lounge

Keep it classy with a nice covered area. Equipped with some greenery, blankets, soft lighting and cozy feels. Use your existing patio or create a space deeper in the yard. This space can feel like a little getaway.

Personal Outdoor Yoga Studio

Outdoor Yoga

Give yourself a space to do yoga and meditate. Another covered area or tack it on to your covered lounge area. Add some nice tapestries, candles and artwork, bring in your yoga mat and you won’t need to head to the studio again until winter.

Finally, how about a fort For Adults?

Why not? Take the concept of the kids’ fort and put a spin on it. Add all your favorite books, some comfy pillows, a great reclining chair and give yourself a little escape away from the house.

What ways have you made your backyard your happy place? Please share with us!

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