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5 Tips to Give Yourself Time to Relax This Summer in Central Oregon

With Memorial Day Weekend behind us, summer is well on its way and it’s time to start thinking about all the fun activities, plans, trips and patio beers to enjoy until fall moves back in. Summer in Central Oregon is an especially great time to get outside. Whether it’s hiking, paddling, river surfing, river floating, mountain biking, camping, rock climbing or rafting, there is an endless slew of options. And with those options can come the feeling over being a little overwhelmed and something we like to call “Activity Overload.” It doesn’t seem like this could be a problem with all the sunshine and selection of things to do, but it can come as a challenge to stay grounded and keep yourself sane as you’re balancing all of the fun.

So, as we wrap up Mental Health Awareness month, we’ve put together a little list of ways to enjoy the sunshine and also slow down as we head into this magnificent season of go-go-go.


Sitting in peace and silence is a great way to slow down and take in all that’s occupying your mind and body. Find a place to sit in the sunshine and give yourself 10 minutes of mindfulness. It will make a huge difference when you go out on that kayaking trip you’ve been looking forward to.


There is no shortage of yoga studios, options and classes throughout Central Oregon. Take a break a couple times a week and get into the yoga flow to breathe through any tension you’re building up. A few great options to look into are Sunny Yoga Kitchen, Namaspa, Groove Yoga, The Yoga Lab, Tula Movement Arts and many more to choose from.

Take a Painting Class

Maybe you don’t see yourself as an artist, or maybe you do and a painting class seems a little silly. Either way, taking a painting class is an excellent way to spend time with friends in a relaxing environment. You can even add a little wine or beer to the mix and make it an event. Art and Wine, Oh My! is a painting class that travels to different establishments for a good night of paint, laughter and drinks.

Give Yourself Down Time

Time for reading a book or just laying in the sun and listening to your favorite podcast. Allow yourself the space to take a moment just to be with yourself. Watch a sunset in silence, enjoy a patio hangout and plan some relaxation when you know your mind and body needs it.

Create a Morning Ritual

A great way to stay in the moment and start each day on a positive, relaxed note is to give yourself a morning ritual that is just yours. Before you start your day, go through some breathing exercises, make some lists to get all those thoughts out of your head or do some light stretching. These little activities for 10 minutes can make a huge difference for going into the activities of each day.

And most importantly, enjoy each moment and listen to your body.

Summer comes and goes so quickly so live in each moment and allow yourself to be there. This will give you the opportunity to take rest when you need it and get out and climb that mountain when you’re body is feeling up to it. If you pay attention, you’ll know what you need and when you need to take a minute to just breathe.

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